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Want to Talk?


If we can help, we would like to. We can't pretend to have all the answers, but we could listen with warmth and help you to see what God may be saying from the bible, helping you to work out the next step. 



We would be happy host your wedding and will strive to make it a happy occasion.

You will need a connection to the Church or Parish - it's best to discuss this early with the Vicar if you are not sure.

Wedding fees are £456, and £13 for a certificate. Costs for organist, verger, bells, flowers, etc are to be arranged with the Vicar.

Weekday weddings are available. The church can seat about 250 people. Refreshment facilities and reception venue can be arranged on request.

We would also like to help you prepare for your marriage vows and offer a couple of meetings before the big event to discuss and ask questions


We would be delighted to help with your Baptism or that of your child. We usually do these as a part of our Sunday morning service at 10:45am, Rosemary Lane on the third Sunday of each month.

There is no cost for the Baptism, but a small cost for a certificate. Please contact the church office if you would like to talk about this more. We want to welcome your family celebrate with you and support you as you think through the implications of Baptism.



Holy Trinity will host a funeral for those connected to the Church or Parish. We would also want to support the family in their time of grief. Costs are often arranged with the funeral directors, but these vary dependent on many factors and it is best to enquire specifically.

Hire the Building


You are welcome to hire any of our buildings for events, parties or even regular activities. We have a large church building, church hall and the workshop venue. Pictures are attached, but viewing would be recommended.

Contact the church office if you would like to book any of the above., Tel: 01704 878913


Parish Hall

 Jubilee Hall

Church, Foyer

and Kitchen


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