A man wrestled with him until daybreak  Genesis 32:24


My mother always said, "it will end in tears."  Wrestling, that is. 4.00pm on a Saturday afternoon with my dad and my brother as we watched our heroes take on Mick McManus and Giant Haystacks. She was of course right – every week it ended in tears.


Just so I suspect with Jacob, a hip out of joint is going to do that; and give him a permanent reminder as he limps for the remainder of his years. But was it worth it? Jacob would have said so: he receives a new name – his first, Jacob, had connotations of "overreaching" and "supplanting"; his new name, Israel, indicating "God rules", "God protects", "God preserves". And so the new faith community of Israel is born, as Israel the man moves on, wounded but blessed, changed forever in an encounter with the One who will reveal himself as “I AM” to Moses.


Now check out John 8:58 – makes you think doesn’t it? 


If you are going into Liverpool do make time to see the spectacular Peace Dove installation by Peter Walker at the Cathedral, accompanied by a soundscape by composer David Harper – the installation will be in place until 31 August. More details here:

Sam and I picked up this prayer at the installation: 


O brooding Spirit, in soaring flight over stormy seas, teach us to pray. 

Carry our cries and hopes to God’s heart. 

Bring us to firm ground when we lose our moorings. 

Come make your home within us. 

Give us new life. Inspire us. 

Through Jesus, who laid down his life so that we might rise up, 

our peace now and for ever.