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December 2020: Advent art on our church doors!

During Advent our talented artist Vicky Sime gradually built up a nativity scene, painting directly on to the doors of the church, with baby Jesus finally being added on Christmas Eve.  Passers-by no doubt enjoyed seeing this charming and familiar Christmas scene unfold day by day in this unusual form.

Thank you Vicky!

ht door nativity.jpg
drive-in carols.jpg

December 2020: Drive-in carol service

Arranged at very short notice by Churches Together and with the cooperation of Sefton Council and several other parties, two services took place on 20 December with carols led by Holy Trinity musicians.  It was a great success, with all parking spaces taken for both services - and communication between stage and vehicles by means of flashing hazard lights!

December 2020: Wreathing Service

Our annual Wreathing Service went ahead on 13 December, not in its usual format but adapted to comply with the conditions we have become familiar with.  Greenery was cut as usual at Ince Blundell Hall by a small team; wreaths were made up in the parish hall one or two at a time by "bubbles" of helpers in time slots; the wreaths were carried into church and hauled into position by a socially distanced team of staff, Scouts and other volunteers; and the whole process, including the service itself, was photographed or video'd and edited for Sunday's YouTube broadcast.  You can see it all if you click/tap on the red button at the bottom of this (or any) page and scroll to "Wreathing Service".


Two of the cutters in a photo from 2019!

October 2020: New PCC and Deanery Synod members

At our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 18 October the following new members were elected to our PCC and the Sefton North Deanery Synod:

PCC: Peter Hitchcock, Margaret Paton, Vicky Sime, Duncan Wylie

Deanery Synod: John Paton, Garth Raybould, Val Skinner

dw the pcc cartoon.gif

May 2020: scrub bags for health workers

Some of the 'crafty' people on the WhatsApp prayer group (which started as the Lent prayer group) have kept themselves busy and useful during 'virus time', making connections with the local care homes in a practical way.

Between them they made 216 laundry bags and more than 160 mask extenders, which were given to the local care homes and Liverpool Women's Hospital for the use of staff.  The homes were Ashcroft House, Ince Blundell nursing home, Halcyon House, Locharwoods, Maryland, St Joseph's (Blundell Ave), Formby Manor, Woodlands Lodge, Freshfields (Cheshire Home). Each place was also given a card, offering our love and prayers.

Mask extenders make some masks much more comfortable to wear

April 2020: We have achieved the Eco-Church bronze award

In the summer of 2019 we registered for the Eco-Church Award run by the A Rocha Christian organisation - not simply to win an award but to ensure that we are doing the best we can as a church to plant a small footprint on the earth.  We felt that we were already doing reasonably well but when we studied the requirements and suggestions we found there was a lot to do before we qualified for the gold award!  In the meantime we took on a number of tasks to bring us to bronze standard.  These included: a series of articles in the parish magazine to encourage members of the congregation to adopt sustainable lifestyles and practices; reviewing our procedures for purchasing food, office supplies, cleaning materials and so on; improving office operating procedures; a wildlife survey of

eco bronze.png

the church grounds (carried out by children from Trinity St Peter's School); leaving 'wild' areas around the grounds; and installing a water butt and cycle parking racks.

In April we were told we had qualified for the bronze award.  There is still a lot to do to achieve the gold standard but as soon as we get back into church look out for further initiatives and please join in where you can!

Poppy - new post.jpg

March 2020:Exciting news from Poppy!

Our Curate, Revd Poppy Thorpe, is delighted to announce her new post.  She writes:

'I have been appointed as vicar of the Church of the Good Shepherd, West Derby. After a few months of praying about what might be next for me, I saw the job advert and loved it! The church is in a very deprived area in North Liverpool. It is a small, traditional church and is only an 11 minute drive from Aintree! The Good Shepherd and other local churches run a charity which serves the community through the foodbank, older peoples services, family outreach and debt advice. We don't yet know when I will be licensed there, but watch this space!'

Aintree is where Poppy's husband Nathan will be installed as Vicar as soon as circumstances allow.

Congratulations Poppy!

[Poppy's last service and sermon with us was on Pentecost Sunday, 31 May.]

March 2020: Our new bike rack

We've installed a cycle rack as part of our Eco-Friendly Church bid, to encourage as many people as possible to cycle to church instead of using their cars.  It's only small (five bikes) at present but can be extended as use increases.  We also installed a water-butt nearby.

Here we see a couple of workers and two potential users of the facility! 

bike rack.jpg
The Table.jpg

February 2020: Dedication of our new "mobile" table

In his 2019 book The Table, our Bishop Paul Bayes writes of the Christian Church as "an open table of friends, stretching down every street and into every home. Anyone who wishes to sit at the table may do so, and there they will find themselves alongside the very one who made the table - a poor man, a carpenter." In an appendix he describes the commissioning by our church of a new "altar", a table composed of four smaller tables: around each one, and around the whole, appear the words "The table of the poor man; the table of the king".

On Sunday 16 February, at a combined service of all our Holy Trinity and St Michael's congregations, Bishop Paul dedicated and blessed the new table.

Made by Ince Blundell woodworker Michael Ashton, the table is intended not only for use at family services at Holy Trinity: any one of the parts can be taken out to be used in various suitable locations to serve the community, for example at outdoor services in streets and parks, or for distribution of food from the Food Bank.


The table had its first outdoor trip on Ash Wednesday, when a group of us went out into the main shopping street after the morning service to offer ashes, prayers and blessings to passers-by. The marking of the forehead with ashes at the start of Lent is an ancient Christian practice to remind us that we all go wrong sometimes but that Jesus forgives us.

new car park.jpg
new car park2.jpg

January 2020:  Our new car park becomes a reality at last!

After many years of talking and planning and praying and re-thinking and more planning, and an amazingly short time of fund-raising, our car park was resurfaced over a 2-week period in January.  Many thanks to all who contributed to this final push with both money and time.  

The work was completed on time and within budget by Alpha Surfacing Ltd of West Derby, Liverpool, who did an excellent job.  Many thanks to them too.

January 2020

The first social event of the year in our Parish Hall was a Ceilidh organised by the local Christian Aid group.  Hot-pot, apple pie and, as usual, plenty of laughing at the confusion of the dancers!

ceilidh 2020.jpg

December 2019 This happy band of workers, together with organiser Steve Griffiths, spent a day gathering greenery in local woods for our wreathing service on Sunday 8 December.  Others turned it into wreaths...

wreathing 2019 3.jpg
wreathing 2019 1.jpg

Trinity St Peter's School celebration service, November 2019

We were delighted to host Trinity St Peter's School for their service of celebration!  Bishop Paul came to speak to us and he presented the school with the Gold Global Neighbours award and the Church School Partnership award.  At the end the children sang a song in memory of late Churchwarden and school governor Margaret Blake in thanks for all her hard work.  It was such a special service and we want to say well done to everyone and thank you for coming to Holy Trinity!

TSP service Nov 2019.jpg
TSP service Nov 2019.2.jpg

Harvest service, October 2019

At our harvest service we were reminded that our earth only provides us with good things when we look after it properly.  Also, every part of God's creation is connected to every other part, so we have to take care of all of it, not just the bits we like!  The service was led by the Scouts, who also made some amazing models of animals and plants showing the range of life-forms we have on our wonderful planet.

harvest 2019-1.jpg
finished whale.jpg

A whale of a time, July 2019

We had a sermon mini-series on the book of Jonah and made a whale during the 10.45 services!  Week 1 - a wood and chicken-wire frame.  Week 2 - lots of glue and newspaper, and we wrote prayers about when we feel like we're in a pit (or a whale) and it's all gone wrong.  Week 3 - splashing the paint about.  Week 4 - the whale becomes the most sparkly and glittery thing ever, and we learn that Jonah's story is about how God is always there for us.   

Site works, July 2019

Heavy equipment was on site in July to remove the Vodafone mast from the church tower, together with all its ground-level equipment.  With the advent of 5G the mast was no longer required.  The removal of the cabinets from behind the church will also facilitate the forthcoming re-surfacing of the car park.

Meanwhile, master bricklayer Roy Tunstall rebuilt the missing pillar at the main entrance to the church gardens, after the original was removed to allow the entrance to be widened.  Here, the capstone is carefully restored to its rightful position, and Roy is pictured with his handiwork.  Roy said it made an interesting change from "building straight walls"!

July 2019_edited.jpg

Pizza Eaters, May 2019

After a recent service members of our 'Pizza Eaters' group held a bring-and-buy type sale in the church foyer in aid of the Venus Star Charity in Bootle. The charity works with teenagers who struggle with mental health issues. The group of teens who presented the cheque for £325 to the two helpers are (L-R): Ben, Barny, Magda, Vicky and Sam, who all took leading parts in the sale. The decision to help this charity was their own initiative.

venus star.jpg