May 2020

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from Kenya.  We’re writing to give you a quick update on life here and to ask you to pray for a couple of matters if you have time.

As we’re writing from Africa, we should probably start with ‘the elephant in the room’ – Covid-19.  When we last wrote, we talked about experiencing a sense of calm before the storm.  Well, almost two months later, that’s pretty much still the case.  Confirmed cases and deaths are relatively low, but that may be because Kenya’s testing capacity is low.  There are also reasons why people are reluctant to be tested.  Most people who’ve tested positive have been sent to makeshift quarantine centres for two weeks and many have been ostracized by those around them due to the stigma of having an illness that is not always understood.  Please pray for Kenya’s Government and for its Church as we continue to climb the curve towards the peak of the pandemic.

At the same time as Covid-19, Kenya has also been hit by devastating floods and swarms of locusts.  We haven’t been directly affected but we’ve seen evidence of both phenomena at first-hand (see photos below).  In short, it’s a very challenging time for the country.

On a family note, we’d appreciate prayer for a couple of things.  Firstly, Martha will be taking a couple of important exams on Wednesday and Thursday of this week – the US equivalent of A-Levels in English and History.  Due to Covid-19, the exams are now online and because we are seven hours ahead of America, Martha will take them at 9pm.  It’s fair to say that she is very anxious about them so we’d really appreciate prayer for sleep the night before, for calm on the day and for a stable internet connection.

Jan’s French students will also be taking their A-Level equivalent this Thursday (via a special app that records their oral presentations), so we’d appreciate prayer for them too.

Secondly, on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 May, Bruce will be chairing a meeting of AIM’s International Council (its governing board) for the first time.  It goes without saying that this will be a virtual meeting.  Please pray for Bruce as he facilitates discussion and the making of decisions on a variety of topics in a limited amount of time (three hours per day).

Thank you for your prayers.  We’re conscious that this is an equally challenging season for many of you.  May you know God’s peace and provision in whatever your particular challenge may be.

With love in Christ,

Bruce, Jan, Zoe, Martha and Joe x

Landslide under railway 2km from RVA

Locust near our house

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