The Summer Reading Challenge has been a popular part of the diocesan Rule of Life as together we have read and reflected on scripture. Previous challenges saw us reading Jonah and the Psalms. This year we are reading 1 Peter. We will be reading five chapters over five weeks starting Monday 26th July. Miranda Threlfall-Holmes (Rector, St Luke’s in the City) has been asked to guide us through this year’s challenge with a series of videos exploring some of the themes. She says: 


“1 Peter is a fascinating book to read for this year’s Challenge. It gives us a chance to grasp some theological hot potatoes such as what the Bible says about slavery, authority and gender roles. In the introductions to each chapter I’ll be discussing how we can handle reading what can be difficult and controversial parts of the Bible, and how a letter full of such ancient concerns can be good news for us today. The letter is an interesting one partly because it’s not addressed to a single church context but to a wide range of churches in different places, making it easier for us to imagine it as addressed to us here in Liverpool today. I’m particularly struck by the resonances 1 Peter has with our diocesan Rule of Life, with its call to the inner and outer journeys, and I’ll pay special attention to drawing out those references as we read through the letter over the coming weeks.” 


Bishop Paul said: 

“On the inner journey of our Rule of Life we say that we’re called to pray, read and learn. First and foremost “reading" means reading scripture, and commentaries to unfold scripture. This year, as we study 1 Peter together, we will be joining with tens of thousands of Anglicans worldwide, including the world’s bishops who are reading this same book as they prepare to attend the Lambeth Conference next Summer. I am grateful to Miranda for the work she has done to help us with this reading, and I look forward to her reflections as together we engage with this short book over the summer months.” 


To help you with the challenge, this commentary is available to order from the Liverpool Cathedral Shop. The First Letter of Peter: A Global Commentary - Jennifer Strawbridge  


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